ClearSpec Vaginal Speculum



Clinically proven to improve visualization of the cervix and minimize patient discomfort.

An Advanced Speculum & Illumination System

The ClearSpec Single-Use Vaginal Speculum with LED Illumination is a patented and FDA cleared device is scientifically proven by an IRB randomized clinical study to improve visualization for every exam, without compromising patient comfort.

  • Retracts sidewalls for an optimum and unobstructed view of the cervix
  • Lateral ports in sheath allow for tissue veiwing and biopsy procedure
  • Reposable (limited use) LED provides 2+ hours of light (over 100 examinations)
  • High-powered LED provides crisp, natural white light without any heat
  • Facilitates access to cervical canal and provides light precisely where it’s needed
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